Hey, its Nollie! is a blog I created in 2014. The blog was a way to express myself and deal with personal life experiences ranging from family, friendship to heartbreak. Blog post after blog post I began to realise that this blog was healing more people than me. 

I’m passionate about people and human experiences. I love to be in love, I’ve been heartbroken, I’ve lost friends, I’ve lost myself & found myself just to lose myself again. I’ve lost weight just to gain it all again. I suffer from acne but sleep in a full face of make up when I’m too lazy. I drink too much wine, sleep too much, laugh too loud, dance without rhythm and love too hard. I’m a complete Goddess all round.

This blog is a combination of all the things that I love and make me feel good and I want to share this with the world.

This blog is my heart on a page. I hope you enjoy reading it and learn a thing or two.

With love, Nollie.