To protein shake or not to protein shake?


A lot of people want to jump on the protein shake wagon but don’t know where to start. Firstly, protein shakes are not essential in achieving your fitness goals. You can get protein meat, dairy and grains. Eggs, chicken, lean meat, fish and nuts. The list of where you can get protein from is countless.

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Protein shakes should be used supplement when you can’t get protein from your food. I’m not a fan of using protein shakes as a meal supplement. I believe in eating whole foods to satisfy hunger and using supplements to help you hit your goals and not the other way around.

Protein is important as your body uses it to repair and build muscles, hair and nails are mostly made up of protein, and protein helps make enzymes, hormones and other chemicals.

What to look for in a protein shake?

Well obviously you want to look go for a shake with a decent amount of protein. I’ve found that protein shakes that have high levels of protein (44grams -49grams) also have levels of carbs. This is great if you are looking to bulk up then a shake with both high levels of protein + carbs is for you. But if you’re trying to lose weight and get lean, then you should go for a protein shake that has a moderate amount of protein and very low levels of carbs, sugar and fat.

An example is my current protein shake. I am using the Evox Lean Pro Diet Protein (chocolate flavour is so bomb!). This shake has 21grams of protein, 2 grams of carbs and 1 gram of fat and is sugar free. So one shake is scoops with 200ml of water which equates to 98 calories in total.  This is perfect for me and my goals because I want that extra protein to help with muscle recovery after a workout and to help get me lean.

The best time to drink a protein shake is after a workout as protein helps with muscle recovery and helps pick up energy levels. I also have drink a protein shake as a “snack” around 11am if I don’t have any fruit on me.

Take away from this blog:

  • Don’t use protein shakes as meal supplements. Get your protein from real whole food
  • Am I getting enough protein from my meals?
  • Choose a protein shake that is in line with your fitness goals.
  • Read labels before you purchase. How much protein and carbs does it have? How much sugar and fat does it have?

With love, Nollie.

Disclaimer: I am not a registered personal trainer or a registered dietitian nor do I claim to be. Everything I write about comes from personal experience. Please consult a doctor or a registered trainer before trying anything I have written about.


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