Selfie tips from Kim Kardashian

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t rejoice at capturing the perfect selfie! But can we be honest about how far and few between those selfies are actually happen. The selfie Queen Kim K has mastered the craft of getting the perfect selfie. She openly admitted to taking an astounding 6000 selfies while on a vacation in Mexico.

I’ve gathered some selfie tips Kim has mentioned throughout the years that we can use to get those bomb ass selfies!

  1. It’s all about the right lighting!

“You want to blow out everything that you don’t want to see and highlight the things you want,” she once explained in a T-Mobile commercial.  Stay away from fluorescent lights and lean towards the free glow that the sunset gives. Marie Claire magazine suggests holding a white napkin or paper towel near your face to neutralize the flash of your camera when you’re taking a selfie.


2. Pout and suck it those cheeks!

“I love it because it gives you cheekbonesthough it does make people mad,” Kardashian. I gain weight on face first so my cheeks are super chubby. Contouring has helped my hustle but the good old cheek suck still goes a very long away. I’m not a fan of pouting so I don’t do it but the pout looks good on a lot of people just not me 😦

3. If you’ve got extra coins to spend, get a digital camera.

Kim admitted to using a digital camera to get those flawless selfies shes known for. The specific camera model she uses is discontinued so you’ll probably have to shop around for something like it.


4. Her favourite editing App!

I love that she’s honest about that fact that she edits her pictures because she’s beautiful and gorgeous but no one is perfect. A source close to the star has revealed that she uses an app called Perfect 365. Her sister Kylie and Khloe have also spoken about their favourite App called Facetune. I have also Facetune and although you have to pay for it, its really worth it.

5. Crop, crop, crop and crop some more!

The star is famous for cropping everyone including her kids out of pictures to get her perfect selfie. “A lot has to do with how your crop it,” she told Jimmy Kimmel. “If you don’t like something on your body, you just crop it.” I am a shameless cropper too. I’m sorry but her weirdly placed arm is not going to steal my shine. CROP!

Cant wait to see all your beautiful selfies! Tag me on @heyitsnollie on instagram

With love, Nollie!




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