regime: Lets try this!

So you would remember that I posted my “HOW I GOT RID OF MY ACNE!” post earlier this year. The blog exceeded any of my expectations and it was so comforting to know that I can be extremely honest about my acne struggle on my blog. Unfortunately, I got too comfortable and started to slip and sleep with make up on and the acne came back again. At this point I really think I’m dealing with adult acne and not just hormonal teenage things.

One of my favourite Youtubers called ‘AylssaForever’ (watch here How to Get Rid of Acne & Acne Scars FAST!!)  also suffered with acne and she put up a video about the regime which she swears by. The products were created by Dan who also suffered with acne for a very long time and he makes little to no money off selling this product. Because he knows the emotional roller-coaster that acne can take you on, he wanted to share the regime that worked for him with the world.

Okay so you guys know I like things lot and I like trying things so I ordered the products and I’m going to give it a go! The regime consists of:

  • Facial cleanser (OMG this cleanser is life).

This is the best facial cleanser I have ever come across. One pump lathers up so well and it washes a full face of makeup away like it’s nothing. It doesn’t leave your skin dry but soft and clean.

  • 5% of Benzyl Peroxide

This treatment is quite intense. I’m not going to sit here and lie. My face has been itchy and peeling and its been a rough first week. The owner says 2.5% is just as effective as the 10%. I can’t even imagine what the 10% is like if the 2.5% is already showing me flames. Benzyl Peroxide is also available at pharmacies in SA and you don’t need a prescription.  This treatment has been great at killing the active breakout I was experiencing so my skin is smooth and not bumpy but it is DRY!

  • Moisturiser

I didn’t buy the moisturizer because I could see from online comments that it doesn’t do its job. Because the treatment is so drying and extreme, I knew that I needed something really hydrating. I’ve been using oils on face because they don’t break me out and keep my skin super hydrated.

  • AHA glycolic acid treatment (Issa gem this one)

This treatment is a chemical exfoliate. The regime forbids you to use anything harsh on your skin like a face cloth, a scrub or facial brush. This exfoliate is so bomb omg! This is the stuff that is going to help take away the dark marks and take away dead skin. I love how my skin feels the day after using this product. So soft and smooth!

I don’t know why I didn’t take photos before I started but my skin was bad ya’ll. Like I was in full breakout in the T zone, scarring and pussing mode. It was bad. My skin is extremely uneven right now and I have a lot of scarring. I also keep getting pimples on my chin and my blackheads are resisting to move out. I will update you guys on my progress in a few months.

If you have acne and you’re reading this don’t forget that you are not acne, you just have acne. Together we will try everything to get clear skin but in the meantime we’ll have fun learning to love ourselves.

Find out more on this regime on:

With love, Nollie!


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