How I (try) control my cravings🙈

My best friend and I are the queens of cravings! We love to eat and we love to discuss what we are going to eat next or where we’re going to eat. My cravings are non existent for the first two weeks after my period. I am a good girl drinking two liters of water, getting my greens in and minding my own business. Once my fertility window hits, the cravings come alive! Keep in mind that my fertility window happens for two before my period so for the next two weeks it’s all about will power and closing my eyes when I walk past Krispy Creme.

My body would be so bomb if I didn’t satisfy my cravings but I’m only human and you can only pretend McDonald’s ain’t shit for so long. My hormones are extremely demanding and tend to fixate on one thing every month. So in January I lived off McDonald’s nuggets + double cheeseburger and small chips. February and March were all about margarita pizza and it was Chicken Licken April. I think you kind of see the pattern.

I have found a few things help me control my cravings to a certain degree because let’s be honest, a craving wants what a craving wants. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you, cravings are real.

1.Drinking coffee!

Caffeine is an appetite suppressant so whenever a cravings hits me I grab a cup of coffee to help tuck the craving away. This has helped me a lot of times and saved me from those extra unnecessary calories!

2. Craving something sweet? Grab a fruit

I know winegums and pineapple are not even in the same league but most of the time when our bodies are craving sugar, it just wants sugar and doesn’t care from where. Try grabbing a fruit instead of a packet a jelly babies to help tame the sugar tiger.

3.  Try dark chocolate instead

Dark chocolate takes some getting used to but it’s definitely a healthier alternative to milk chocolate. Instead of having the whole slab, grab a few pieces and eat some fruit too.


4. Pick a side!

If you’re craving a burger then have the burger but don’t have the chips and if you want the chips then don’t have the bun. Pick a side! You’re cheating here so you don’t want to do crazy damage. You want to do enough not to get caught.

5. If you’re going to cheat, cheat right.

Look, if you’ve tried everything but the monkey on your shoulder is weighing you down then feed it! And don’t feel bad while doing it. Life is too short not to satisfy yourself. It’s all about moderation and balance.


With love, Nollie.

Disclaimer: I am not a registered personal trainer or a registered dietitian nor do I claim to be. Everything I write about comes from personal experience. Please consult a doctor or a registered trainer before trying anything I have written about.


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