It’s 7:51pm on a Friday night and I’m still at the office working on my blogs and future blog content like I’ve been doing every night for the past month.  I just stumbled on this poem that Jay Z just released yesterday and after I heard it I knew I didn’t stumbled on it but was divinely directed. I needed to hear this, its been a tough week.

I am very passionate about this blog and all that it destined to be. Almost to the point of desperation to be honest. But if I have to be really honest this week was very discouraging as didn’t been reach any my viewership targets or attract new readers. A lot of doubt and fear started to consume me this week. I’ve invested so much and I’m so passionate about this that there is nothing else I’d rather be doing on a Friday night than to be sitting here and writing this blog and telling you that getting the vision for your dream is easy and that the hard part is no one else can see that vision but you. You know that feeling when you’re onto something and you just want everyone else to see it? I have this dream and vision in my heart that no one can see but me. I want to reach women, help them grow and find a way to navigate this life thing together. So I continue to work and write and come up with new ways to inspire another to change another. I believe in helping shape whole, happy and healthy women who love themselves deeply.  I also have faith that God’s will for this blog will be done.

So I’ll carry on dreaming, working, grinding and believing that at least one woman is going to read a post and be moved forever.

I will not let the fear of failure win.

With love, Nollie.


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