Paleo diet review

One of my favourite Youtubers is Sarah’s Day and I’ve been following her fitness journey for a long time. I think I resonated with her because we were both struggling with acne and trying to lose some weight we’d gained in high school. Sarah has been paleo for a while now and her results lured me into try this cave man lifestyle. The whole idea around the paleo diet is to go back to eating like our ancestors did thousands of years ago.

What does a paleo diet consist of?

Paleo diet means eating like a cave man basically. This diet encourages eating real whole foods such as fish, meat eggs, vegetables, fruits etc.

You CAN eat: Anything you can hunt or grow yourself.

Meat, fish, nuts, eggs, limited fruits and vegetables (no high carb veggies like potatoes and corn), healthy fats and water.

Screenshot (13)
Photo by: Sarahs_day

You CANT eat: Honestly, anything yummy.

No grains, processed food, dairy. So no bread, rice, oats, muesli, pasta, cereal, yogurt, milk, candy, chips.

The paleo diet sounds a bit extreme but honestly the eating part wasn’t that bad. A full day of eating before paleo looked like:

Before Paleo

Wake up: Hot water and lemon

Breakfast: Oats with a little bit of milk and honey + coffee

11am snack: A banana and protein shake + coffee

Lunch: Brown rice with chicken breast and veggies

Late afternoon snack: Apple + Sweets or chips

Dinner: Whatever my mom cooked at home

Paleo days

Wake up: Hot water and lemon

Breakfast: Three eggs and veggies

11am snack: A banana and protein shake

Lunch: Chicken/Fish and Veggies (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower)

Late snack: Apple + Banana or peanuts and raisins (small packet)

Dinner: Chicken and veggies


Results: I tried the Paleo diet for 3 weeks and it work so well for me! I felt amazing and my body was responding well. My skin was clear, I was sleeping well and my body fat percentage had dropped.

BUT……………. Then I decided to cheat and my whole life flashed before my eyes.

I have never experienced anything like that, EVER. I don’t know what it is about the paleo diet but cheating is the most painful experience. I decided to have fat cakes one morning and immediately after I cheated my whole body turned on me and I began to feel sick and nauseous. By 11am I was home throwing up violently and by 3pm I was at Dischem crying cause of the pain in my stomach. I would later read the same experiences from other people online who had cheated while on the Paleo diet. The theory is that your body is so used to clean food without grains and oil that when you cheat, it’s almost a shock to your system.

It took two full days before I felt like myself again. I personally cannot continue on this diet because I love food. I love pizza, burgers, slap chips and Russians and I can’t end up in the hospital every time I cheat because I cheat a lot. As much as I love being healthy and eating right, I also believe in enjoying myself and if pizza once a week gives me joy then I will eat my joy.

giphy (5)


I would recommend this diet to anyone who is looking for a radical change and is completely done with eating junk food. The paleo diet is a great way to really change your eating habits and lifestyle. However the diet can be very expense. Fresh veggies + fruit and lean cut meat is pricey people. I think it would be less expensive if everyone you live with ate paleo too.

With love, Nollie!

Disclaimer: I am not a registered personal trainer or a registered dietitian nor do I claim to be. Everything I write about comes from personal experience. Please consult a doctor or a registered trainer before trying anything I have written about.


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