My morning routine!

The optimist in me loves mornings, Mondays and new beginnings. We’re so blessed to be able to start life again every day and I’m so excited for life that I wake up at 4am every day. Yes, 4AM! Everyone around thinks I’m crazy because I only have to be at work at 9am but I love a really early start because I get to set the tone of my day. I pack all my food and clothes for work the night before so I can grab and go in the morning.

giphy (6)

4am: Alarm rings and I’m up! The first thing I do is thank God for the day and speak my day into existence while fumbling around putting on my gym clothes on. Once my gym clothes are on, I pack all my work things and food into the car, turn on Metro FM for the Fresh Breakfast Show and I’m gone.

Side note: I always have hot water and lemon every morning while on my way to gym. It really wakes me up and wakes up my digestive system. I don’t eat before I go to gym because it makes me nauseous. But if I am feeling a little weak, I’ll grab a banana or protein bar.

5:15am: Walk into gym and get into the zone. I love working out in the morning because 1) The gym is empty and 2) It helps me make healthier decisions during the day. I normally spend about 45 minutes working out and that’s because I like taking my time.

giphy (7).gif

Side note: Before I hit the shower, I have my protein shake to help with muscle recovery and a banana to help pick up my energy levels. Bananas have potassium which is great for helping with soreness.

7am: Off to work I go! I’m very lucky to miss all roads with the crazy traffic but I work in Sandton so there’s always traffic somewhere. You’ll usually catch me twerking and singing along (very loud) to Beyoncé or some trap music. It really helps me get it the “Seize the day” mood. My favourite go to song is ‘Skrillex ft Poo Bear – Would you ever!’ YAAAAS this song gives me life.


8am: I’m always early for work, always but this allows me to eat my breakfast and catch up on my YouTube subscriptions and the news. I usually have a BIG whole bowl of Oats to refuel all the energy I lost at gym, a boiled egg as a source of protein and black coffee for breakfast. Check out my breakfast ideas!

9am: Work starts and I’m ready to seize the day!

Having a healthy and productive morning routine really helps to keep me motivated to smash all my goals. It keeps me disciplined which helps me be a better person all around at work and in my personal life. I really encourage all of you to get yourself into a healthy routine that works for you and works for your goals. Simply “going with the flow” just won’t cut it with temptation to sleep in or swing past McDonalds for breakfast.

giphy (8)

With love, Nollie!


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