Five reasons to work for a start-up company!

I finished my degree in 2016 and I automatically went into the “get a corporate job and start the rat race” mentality. Job hunting was such a grueling process! I really have every job seeker in my prayers because the entire process is super draining and can really take such a toll on you. I applied at the typical corporations both large and small. I always made it to the second interview but never quite got the job. Four months into job hunting and I was at my wit’s end. I remember crying because I had just came back from another second interview and got the “Thank you for coming but..” call. While crying I started praying (begging) God to open a door soon cause my spirit was really taking a knock.

The very next day I got a call from a friendly gentleman called Peng who worked for new start-up and invited me for an interview. I did the all the research I could but to be really honest I wasn’t feeling it because the industry was completely outside my comfort zone. It didn’t fit the typical corporation I was looking to join but something pushed me go. The interview was super casual and Peng and got along really until it came to what they were offering to pay me *cues dramatic music*. As soon as I heard the figure they were offering, I was already ordering my Uber in my head. I wanted a job but I wasn’t desperate because I know what I bring to the table. I got into my Uber,  went back to my old job and typed a nice email to Peng telling him I would not be accepting the job and thanked him for his time. Within a minute of sending the email he was calling my phone making me a better offer and that’s how I found my new job.


Working for a start-up company is the best choice I have ever made (God saved the best for last). My company is an innovative, young and has an amazing company culture. Many people are wary of working for start-ups because of job security and its understandable because of the economic climate. But there are many upsides to working for a start-up:

  1. Allows for creativity.

You’re allowed to think out the box and implement those crazy ideas. You’re encouraged to take risks and are given support by the whole team!

  1. Room to take initiative.

There is nothing more amazing than your boss giving you a task, a budget and then letting you make it work. I thrive when I’m trusted with tasks and not having to getting approval for every single step. There is very little levels of hierarchy. I have the Managing Director on Whastapp and have taken shots with him #MyBossRocksOMG .

  1. Awesome company culture!

We have a pool table and fridge full of beer in our office so that tells you a lot. It’s such an amazing atmosphere! We work extremely hard but we also play really hard. Majority of the people are under 35 so we have so much in common and don’t have to conform to any ‘corporate rules’.

  1. Diversity on 100!

Our staff is super diverse. People from different countries, races and many women in managerial positions. I’m learning so much from people I would have never interacted with ever.

  1. Growth opportunities.

Because it’s a start-up there is so many new positions being created every other day. my company is growing at a rapid pace and its so exciting to be apart of building and not working into something that’s been there forever.

I don’t know if I’ll be here in a year or two from now but right now I’m pretty content and learning so much. If you’re job hunting right now please don’t be discouraged. God has something specifically for you! I really do believe that.



With love, Nollie!


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