Five things you need to start doing!

  1. Get enough and wake up earlier.

Anyone who knows me knows I am the QUEEN of sleep. I love to sleep, nap or close my eyes whenever given the chance. On the other hand I have friends who sleep at after midnight and just barely enough sleep. I’ve realised my excessive sleeping makes me lazy to be honest. I wake up tired and want to go back to sleep (how weird am I?!). So I’ve dedicated this year to getting just enough sleep for my body.

Waking up earlier has also made me more productive throughout the day. Call me crazy but I quite like waking up before the sun comes out. Michelle Obama wakes up at 4.30am everyday just so she can get in time for herself before taking on the world.

2. Start using your phone LESS.

I am not a fan of cellphones and I’m not afraid to say it. I just feel like people are wasting so much time and precious moments of their lives on their phones. Its one of the reason I deleted Whatsapp so that I would be on my phone less. I’ve restricted my social media use so that I can force myself yo be present. Whether it be boredom or having the best time of my life, both times I don’t want to be on my phone. I want to be present.

3. Start being kind for no reason.

Kindness is such a beautiful trait and you shouldn’t have a reason to be kind to someone, just be kind to everyone. Smile at a stranger, be patient with your siblings and help your parents. Being kind does more for you than the other person. Feed your soul and energy with good things and good vibes. Be kind.

4. Starting taking care of your self.

physically, spiritually and mentally. Take time out for yourself everyday and just pamper yourself. Whether it is with a cup of tea, putting some nail polish on or taking a relaxing walk. Just take some out of the day to speak life into yourself, your dreams and anything you want to accomplish.

5. Start being grateful.

Gratitude changes everything! When you sit down and really start to Thank God for everything you have, you will realise how amazing your life is and how blessed you are.


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