Hey, its Nollie turns TWO!

Two years ago I would have never thought that this blog would have grown as much as it has. I’m so thankful for this blog, the people I have been able to reach and talk to and learn so much from. I’m thankful for every life experience that has happened to me in these past two years that have enabled me to write about and help someone else. I’m thankful that this blog enables me to to turn my worst life experiences into something beautiful and meaningful. I’m thankful that I have been able to turn my pain into my power.

I started this blog in first year of University and now I have a month and half left of my degree. Time has gone by so fast! I have so many exciting things lined up for this blog next year and I’m so excited for my new adventure and where my life is headed. I feel like my loyal readers have watched  me grow through this blog and continue to watch me become the woman I am meant to be.

As we enter the Terrific Twos I wish nothing but so much happiness, peace and love for my readers.

(Still cant believe we’re 2!)

With Two much love, Nollie .


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