I’m just a little too worthy..

Take it from me: The way you love is enough. It took countless champagne bottles, crying for hours and three books for me to realize that I’m so fucken worth it! I admit that I actively participated in letting someone make me feel like I’m hard to love. I changed so much of myself and how I know to love to make him comfortable. When it all fell apart and I was left with this new version of myself who loves cautiously and doubt themselves every step of the way. This is not me. I love wholeheartedly with everything. I risk it all for a 5 second high. I love to love.

I have so much love for myself and the world that it would be such a waste to throw it away for someone who doesn’t love themselves therefore makes others feel that they love too much.

Babes everything about me is too much. Too much love, too much grace, too much kindness, too many flaws, too much self love, too much soul, too much crazy,too much happiness and I’m just a little too worthy of nothing but the best.




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