5 basic tips to help clear skin!

1. Know your skin type

Knowing what type of skin you have will go a long way  in helping you choose what products to use that cater for the specific needs of your skin. I have been suffering with acne for years and I know I have acne prone skin which means my skin is very sensitive but every oily too (how annoying!) Here are the different skin types:

  • Normal skin type: This type of skin is not too dry and not too oily. Likely not have any  sensitivity and has very few imperfections
  • Combination skin type: This type of skin can be dry in some areas and then very oily in other areas. the most common oily area is the T zone which is made up of the cheeks, chin, nose and forehead.
  • Dry Skin: This skin is likely to peel, crack and become irritated. Dry skin tends to have a dull complexion, more fine lines and red patches.
  • Oily skin: This type of skin is likely to be very shiny, have enlarged pores and more prone to have pimples, blackheads and other blemishes.

2. Have a daily skin regime

The most famous is the three-step: Cleanse, tone and moisture. But I have learned that you don’t necessarily have to follow all three. I rarely tone as my skin is not too fond of toners. However I do cleanse and moisture daily. I wear a lot of make up so I can to cleanse and get that junk out. I use the Benzac AC wash. This face wash is available over the counter and has helped my skin clear so much. Next up is my Skinoren acne cream to kills wannabe pimples before they can flourish. I will write a full review on this product soon. Next up is my Jojoba oil. I know it sounds crazy to put oil on oily skin my this oil is life changing. it does not clog your pores, hydrates the skin and evens out your complexion. I exfoliate my skin twice a week (Sundays and Wednesdays) just to really get there and remove any dead cells and skin. 

Finding a good skin regime is all about finding what works for you!

3. Dont squeeze your pimples!

I know this is so hard but take it from me, it’s really not worth it! My acne has cleared up but I’m left with nasty dark spots from picking and squeezing on my pimples. Getting rid of these spots is a constant battle. Just when I’ve conquered one battle I am faced with another. I wish I had listened to people and stopped picking. When you pick at a pimple you take that bacteria and spread it to other parts of your face and so the breakout cycle just continues.

 giphy (22).gif

4. ALWAYS take off your make up. 

No matter how tired, tipsy or drunk you are make sure you take off your make up. Make up clogs up pores and messes with the skins oil production which in return leads to breakouts. Trust me I’ve been there! Coming home at 3AM with your heels in hands, stumbling over best friend and searching for your bed. The last thing you want to do is bend over a sink and wash your face but it make it a priority to be the first thing you do when you get home.

 giphy (21).gif

5. There’s no such thing as enough water. 

Beautiful skin begins on the inside. The average person should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Water has done wonders for my skin. My skin is softer, fuller and smooth in texture. Although I use the bathroom 20 times a day, I love how radiant my skin looks every time I look into the bathroom mirror.Water has so many benefits but one of my other favourites is that it helps with weight loss. Drinking more water helps you eat less, helps you retain less water, helps with cravings and aids with digestion.

– With love, Nollie.


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