What we could all learn from Taylor Swift’s dating life.

1.Move on as fast as you can.  

Taylor’s latest transition from Calvin Harris to Tom Hiddleston may not have been the most graceful but so what? Is there any right way to go public with your new relationship? Is there an appropriate time frame before you can enter your next relationship? Does moving on too quickly mean you didn’t love the person before or that you are trying to fill a hold inside yourself? If you answered yes to any of the following questions then I want to ask you: Where did you learn this from? And why does your belief have to dictate the way other people life?

I honestly believe that there is no right way to live. You have to live for yourself and do what makes you happy. I am all for taking time between relationships IF you feel you have unresolved issues with yourself that you need to solve. If not, why wait around for 3 month to start dating just so people don’t judge you? I love what Taylor Swift did because she showed the world that some people just don’t have the time to be sitting around and waiting for a good ahead from society. Taylor is in her prime and by the looks of things she is living her best life so if some sexy hunk comes along a week after your break up and wants to give you cuddles? You take those cuddles and shot gun to be the baby spoon.


2. Kiss as many frogs as you WANT to. 

Its public acknowledge that Miss Swift has dated a number of men but so what if she has? She has continuously said that she loves being in love and can’t wait to find the one so why are we crucifying her? It reminds of that statement people always tell single people “You aren’t putting yourself out there enough. Go out more and while you’re at it drop your high standards.” and when you do just that and date several different people who weren’t a great fit the same people tell you “You need to stop looking for love and let love come you.” I mean seriously? Pick a side society, pick a side.

3. Use your heartbreak to make you better.

Taylor Swift has made millions ($250 million to be exact) because of the songs she’s written inspired by heartbreak. She took her pain and mixed it with her passion and grew from it. We should strive to use any kind of pain we encounter as a force to push us forward into our next level of self. It also really funny how no one mentions how many women Drake references in his songs but as soon as Taylor says anything about love in a song then she is depicted as the heart broken bitter woman. Taylor Swift is doing the exact same thing as Drake but she just happens to sing about it and not rap.

Pain is inevitable so we might as well just use it to our advantage. It’s such a waste of a beautiful life to cry over things we can’t change. I’d also rather be making out my new partner on a private yacht in the Bahamas than to be sitting at home crying myself to sleep and wasting the best days of my life.

So to Miss Swift, you get the highest five from me. Go on with your bad self-girl!


  • Nollie.

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