A year of growth!

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for the year end post since a lot of people loved the one last year. I know its late but I write from the heart and I couldn’t write for the sake of just writing. I just came back from drinks with Tebogo and mid girl talk conversation I realised I’m ready to share.

Don’t get me wrong Tebogo and I are tired! We’ve been working for the past two weeks and still trying to live so we drink and get high when we can but in all honesty we are tired but coming home to her every night has been a slice of heaven. Its both our first time spending the holiday season away from our families so having each other has meant the world. But in all honesty the only thing keeping me sane is knowing I’ll be awaking up in my grandmother’s bed in 8 days.


-Genuine wholehearted  friendship is everything.
I’ve really been blessed with the most amazing people. I have very few friends but the quality of my friendships are amazing. I’m so grateful for my friends. We live in an age where people change friends every month. People are friends with people for the wrong reasons. I’ve known most of my friends for over 5 years. The ones who weren’t meant for me, were gracefully taken away by God through examples betrayal and hurt. Its so important to keep people around you who really know and support you. Not because of what they can do for you or what status you will have being friends with them but because of how great they make you feel.
-We accept the love we think we deserve.
I was totally off the dating scene this year so I got a lot of time to observe people and their relationships. And I know for sure that love makes people act of out character. People accept things that they necessarily wouldn’t or do things they wouldn’t normally do because of love. This is, I have come to realise both a blessing and curse. Love can make you a better person and love can make you absolute fool. And a lot of you ask when I’ll start dating again and honestly I don’t know. I’m just living in the present moment and whatever happens, happens.


-Live authentically.

Being true to your authentic self is so important. And its something you have to work on everyday. With all the media and social pressure its so easy to compromise who you really are. Social media has made people believe that their lives are not good enough or they aren’t living. All I can say is that IT ISN’T REAL! I can testify to this. I have seen people I ‘admire’ do things for the likes, retweets and shoutouts. Its sad. I’m trying not to judge but I just want better people for these people. Contentment and fulfillment for the win! Stop looking at other people’s lives and hash tagging #LifeGoals #RelationshipGoals #FriendshipGoals. Why would you want to have someone else’s life experience when you could have your own? Your life is beautiful and your life is enough.


– I’m pro happiness!
The shocking trend of glorifying pain is growing everyday. Pain is part of life. We all experience pain and its a stepping stone to growth. Its okay not to be okay sometimes but its not okay to dwell on the sadness and pain and use it for attention and make it apart of your identity. Depression is real and sad but it is not to be used as something for social status. We are creating a society that idolizes pain and suffering. I believe we were created to be whole and happy. And you can only know happiness once you have experienced pain. But pain is no longer seen as a stepping stone into growth but a stepping stone into social acceptance. Happiness is super cool!

-Letting go.
I’m still learning to let go. Its a process since I’m such a control freak but everyday I’m saying goodbye to things that no longer serve me and making room for the new. This is something I really do believe: So much love and happiness are coming my way if only I could let go.

-Irene is everything.
Best friend of the year for the past 14 years. The way to my heart is through Irene.

Someone asked me if me I could ask God two questions regarding the events of this year, what would I ask and my questions would be:

1. Was the amount of pain really worth the lesson?
2. What can I do to thank you for such an amazing life?

What would your questions be?

I hope you all have an amazing holiday season! And I hope you have the most amazing 2016. Filled with love, growth, lessons and happiness. Thank you all for the support and comments and kind messages you’ve sent me. I’m glad my blog could make you laugh, could comfort you or make you think differently. Thank you for crying, laughing and venting with me.

With ALL my love, Nollie.



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