I believe in Love.

I believe that love can see beyond race, religion, age and blood type. I believe love is blind.

I believe love is the one of the reasons we exist. To realise and feel that someone can love me beyond my faults and flaws. That I am perfect to an imperfect person that is perfect to me. Love doesn’t add up but feels just right.

Love can heal you from your greatest tragedies. Just a smile or a conversation from that loved one can make you whole again. Love is a bandage on long healing wounds. A therapist to unsolved issues and push to move forward in the right direction to start afresh. Love is constantly evolving. Becoming a better love than the one you thought you knew.

Love is happiness! That unfiltered raw happiness that hasn’t been approved by Tumblr. That happiness that is right in the perfect moment and not in the perfect vacation location on Instagram. A love that doesn’t need 140 characters on twitter to send the right message. I believe a love so perfect in the present  moment that it feels so good. That good that you can’t help but smile, giggle, laugh and that ‘I know I’m drunk but I’m going to text him and tell him how I feel’ kind of love.

I believe love is content. I recently read that the most said thing by the 9/11 passengers said to their loved ones on the phone is ‘I love you’. How how powerful is that? In my last moment all one can say is three words that let you feel my life’s greatest accomplishment, that I love you. If the last words I ever get to say before I leave this Earth are  ‘I love you’ and that will give you enough closure to tell you know how I will forever feel  then I love  you will be the only thing I need to say.

I believe love is everything. Seeing my best friend and bonding over 6000 calories and hearing her laugh set the room on fire which makes my heart do a handstand, that is love. When my niece hears my sister’s voice and looks for her aimlessly and lights up when she finds her,that is love. When one of my friends navigates her way through motherhood and would give everything and anything for a being who hasn’t yet acknowledged her but lives through her, that is love.

I may not be in love with someone but my life is filled with so much love. I am so grateful to live and see love. Love makes everything make sense.

Love is everything. I believe in love. So so much love I’m bursting just thinking about it.

With so much love, Nollie.




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