To the boys who keep telling me I need to get laid.

To the boys who keep telling me I need to get laid.

I know I do! The thirst is so real but I’m not going to sleep with you because my hormones (begging) asking me to.

You go on and on about how it’s just sex and how I’m overthinking it

Cool! If it’s just sex then why are you taking me out for dinner and telling me about your family? Are you catching feelings or are you just trying to soften me up? Either way it’s not working but thanks for dinner.

You tell me I act like I want it. The way I dance, dress and the way I talk to you.

Are you okay in the head? Have you never seen someone dance for the enjoyment? And your sister has the same skirt I’m wearing so is she also acting like she wants it?

You keep telling me that you’re going to ‘let me be’ but I know where home is.

I do know where home is and that’s where I’m sleeping tonight. Not with you.

You tell me about all the other girls before and how cool they were and then you tell me to ease up.

If the girls before were so cool, where are they now?

Now you’re getting frustrated and ask me if I think my vagina is made out of of gold

And yes it is. My girl is magical.

I hope your sister stays away from guys like you. Guys who try guilt trip her into having sex with them by telling her she’s too serious and needs good dick to ease her up. I hope she knows that its okay not to sleep with every guy that calls her beautiful and that sex should always be on her terms. I hope she’s cool enough to not care whether everyone is doing it or not. I hope she is strong enough to know men like you are weak because the only way you think a female will fall for you is if you sleep with her and give her ‘good dick’. I hope she knows it’s okay to spend Friday night in alone with her series and take away and not to give into the guilt trip because she’s worth so much more than a man who thinks sex will make her a better person to be around.



– Nollie


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