I Am Art.

See that thing that makes a beautiful art piece is the hard work behind it.

The perfect strokes that make every detail alluring to the eye

and imperfect mistake that was unerasable but somehow now makes sense.

The way the vision all comes to together and becomes someone else’s dream.


I may sound conceded for calling myself Art but I am and unapologetic about it, hell I’ll let tell you to you face if you need me to.

The perfection behind my madness you see, it makes people wonder..

Wonder how someone can so wild and free yet be so disciplined and independent.

My wildness draws In the inquisitive buyers who are so dazed by my mysterious ways yet my independence draws in those who know what they are looking for.

And I am that. A mystery that is yet to be figured out and a solved equation that took people a while to figure out but those that finally get it, got it good.

I Am Art in the way I carry myself.

With perfectly fitted frames. My skin, my eyes, my lips, my hips and my giggle. You would swear I’ve put them all under a spell the way they flock around me.

But interior cuts the selection down. Not all can handle the madness behind the strokes, the error in the reasoning, the intellectual meaning behind the Art and the message the Creator was trying to portray. Too overwhelmed by the possibility of accepting the Art as it is, they leave.

My price is perfectly correct. No credit purchase, lay buy or counterfeit deals.  No negotiations on this piece of Art.

I smile and laugh. By now I can tell by the look in their eyes, they are addicted. Willing to pay everything for something they’ve never touched.

They droll over me as I talk about politics with a contoured face and marvel over my opinionated nature. And many are taken back by the points I bring up. I make them react with awe and anger but I know I’ve made them feel… something.

That’s when I know I’ve got them. When I start to a make them feel something.

Something they never intended on, feeling. Most came out for a drink and good company and never expected to fall inlove with a piece of Art.

Still untouched and aware of the feelings I have erupted, I leave.

Off to the next gallery where I shall make men strong men fall to their knees.

And bring others back to life just by making them feel.

I Am Art by the way I look and carry myself, imperfect but it just makes sense.

By the things I talk about. I just taught you about Immanuel Kant and Rihanna in one conversation.

The light I bring to the room. My smile makes people remember the best of their summer days.

The way I create an atmosphere. Let’s have fun now and cry about the bullshit later.

My awkward presence. I’m clumsy but it’s funny as hell.

And the way I make people feel. Humans are my kind of people. Come here and let me love you.

See that thing that makes a beautiful art piece is the hard work behind it.

I Am Art.

– Nollie


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