To my dearest Tiego,

To my dearest Tiego,

You are enough. You always have been and you always will be. You are enough despite the amount of people who have left, those who were not strong enough to stay and more than enough for those you chose to love.

You are so special. Anyone who has ever met you knows how unforgettable you. You are special for the way you touch people’s lives just by smiling at them. You are kind and caring without even trying.  You are good from deep within and it’s rare to find that these days.

You are love all by yourself. The unconditional love you have for me and those in your life is beautiful. You have dropped everything to come be with me countless of times when I could not love myself. You carry enough love for the whole world.  I am so lucky to have you as a friend.

You are so funny! You make me laugh till the point of tears every time I’m with you. Only you can make the whole police station laugh during a time of seriousness (I will never forget “Please release the people” :”D ). Your humour is something I remember on my worst days. You make me laugh and smile even when you’re not there.

You are wise. The way you carry the word of God into every situation in your life is amazing. You do not only preach the word of God but live by it too. Even when the ways of the world are overwhelming, you walk in faith. You are thankful not only when things are good but when things are going horribly bad because you are wise enough to know that joy cometh in the morning.

You are perfect for me.

You’ll never understand how amazing you are but I can only hope that you’ll believe me when I say that you are enough, you are so special, you are love, you are hilarious, you are wise and you are perfect.

And I love you forever.

With love, Nollie.


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