Vulnerability is underestimated.

We’re living in a World that is so afraid of commitment that I can only conclude that we all got divorced several times in our past life. You could have the most amazing person right in front of you but you’re so afraid that what comes out your mouth isn’t right so you choose to say nothing at all. Rather let them think you feel nothing for them when they actually mean the world to you.

I don’t get it. If it feels right why would you want to keep looking?  Looking for better, making sure that you’re not making a mistake. So you begin to let go of that person because you still want to go around the block to check if someone else’s hand might fit as perfectly. And when you don’t find it, you’re still not too sure because you think “I’m too young for commitment anyway”. So you continue to go about always justifying why you can’t commit. But that perfect person always sits at the corner of your heart and will resurface when you’ve played the game. I think we’re setting ourselves up for disaster.

I don’t see what’s wrong with building a life with someone from a young age! I actually see it better fit than ending up with someone who has been with everybody. I just don’t understand the need to taste every flavour cookie in the Jar when you’re holding your favourite in your hand. I think saying we’re not ready for commitment or saying ‘I have commitment issues’ is an easy of saying “I want to be with you but I’m scared you don’t want the same. You’re the most amazing person I’ve met and I’d be crushed if you ever left me so lets be friends and save us both the heartache”. We jump to the worst case scenario. Just how we see the worst of everyone and everything we encounter because its easier to break walls than build them up.

I just hope I find someone that isn’t afraid to say I love you first or isn’t afraid to say how they really feel. Cause vulnerability is beautiful. Vulnerability is underestimated.

– With love, Nollie!


3 thoughts on “Vulnerability is underestimated.

  1. I never understand when people say they are too young for commitment. I’ve always said that when I meet someone that fits the bill I’ll give it a go. If I let them go in 5 years time it might end up being my biggest regret.

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